A Beach Garden 6
Image: Inviting Even on a Wet Day

For the planting we chose a pink and purple colour scheme, focussing on Verbena, Verbascum, Armeria and grasses such as Miscanthus, Festuca and Ophiogonom. Lupins provided colourful impact, with Asters for Autumn colour. Eryngium, a natural choice, was not used in this scheme as the conditions locally are not ideal for this plant. However, a majestic Fatsia in an oak trough at the side of the deck provided impressive architectural interest. The clients were particularly pleased with the effect of water droplets on the leaves after rainfall. The naturalistic stream flowed from under the deck and vanished in a group of sea-washed stones and boulders, providing a gentle, restful splashing in keeping with the beach theme. All in all, this garden is an inviting, warm and restful place to be.