Images: Flood & Apples

Landworks News – September 2007

Landworks News – 19th September

Reflections on wate

Water has played a big part in our work this year, and not all of it has been good. We got drenched and filthy in February, shovelling three tonnes of topsoil and then carrying it down four flights of steps in a wheelbarrow. We were just getting over that experience when we arrived at a riverside cottage to lay turf, only to find both garden and access road underwater! Ten tonnes of carefully raked and prepared topsoil was being gradually carried off down the river. The lorry arrived at the end of the road with the turf and refused to drive through the water, so we were left with no choice but to ferry it across the flooded road in the pick-up. About half way through a tractor drove past and drenched us in the bow wave, and then it began to rain….  






On the positive side, this has been a bumper year
for freshly planted fruit trees, which can often suffer from lack of water (yes, even in West Wales!). In last year’s droughts we had to resort to the drastic measure of removing most of the leafy growth to reduce transpiration and conserve water, but this year a good mulch was all that was needed to produce excellent apples.