Image: Ninfarium

Landworks News – September 26th 2007

Round up of Garden Design Shows 2007

Aberglasney Gardens: Not strictly speaking a show, but a garden designer’s inspiration nonetheless. We had a fabulous day out here, and would warmly recommend it to anyone who happens to be in the Carmarthen/Llandeilo area (try the soup while you are there). The garden was delightfully designed so that you could start anywhere, follow any path and still see the whole garden at its best. aberglasneyViews were superbly framed, and tantalising glimpses of the plants ahead and behind were always apparent. My favourite part of the gardens was the area where a large glass atrium had been fitted over a ruined courtyard, so temperate and sub-tropical plants flourished among the old walls (pictured). There is plenty here for history buffs too – the discovery and excavation of the gardens made a fascinating story.