Image: Fun with diggers

Landworks News – 30th October 2007

Work in progress – The Logic Puzzle Garde

The Landworks team have been making the most of the lovely autumnal weather by getting cracking with our latest design and landscaping project.Nicknamed ‘The Logic Puzzle Garden’, this garden has caused much head-scratching and general consternation! As the nickname suggests, it has come with a set of logistical problems quite unlike any we have encountered before

The Digger Problem
Access to this site is exceptionally awkward and we accepted the fact we would have to move several tons of material with a shovel and barrow. The problem came when we tried to get our wheelbarrow onto the site and realised we couldn’t get the barrow around the right angled bend in the wall. Even our intrepid team baulked at moving t1ons of gravel and topsoil using plastic buckets, so we came up with an alternative. We removedthe plants from the raised flower bed alongside the site, carefully tied plastic sacks around the rootballs and moved them out of the way. The plants will be fine for a few weeks stored like this at this time of year. This left us with a 1.5m drop from the raised flowerbed into the garden itself. An initial dig in the solid clay of the site convinced us we would need a minidigger to excavate the metre or so we needed to make our raised pond, so we made a ramp at the end of the flowerbed from rubble and earth. This enabled us to get the digger onto the site and excavate our foundations.Continued