Image: Pond building

The Pond Problem
The pond in this garden is a raised pond made with 39 new pine sleepers, about 1.5m in height. As well as this it contains an excavated section about 0.5m deep. The pond will hold several thousand gallons of water, and this will exert a considerable pressure o1n the walls. Our problem was this:  how to fix the timbers in this pond to themselves and to the ground so the pond could not be pushed apart?
We began by creating solid foundations of compressed scalpings, followed by cement. We laid the first layer of sleepers on this, levelled it all up and attached the second layer using extremely strong glue. We then drilled through the sleepers and hammered reinforcing bars right through the sleepers and the cement into the solid clay beneath. We added 15cm timber hex fixings and angled corner plates, and the structure is now strong enough to drive a pick-up over (although I advise you not too as it would cause me considerable annoyance).