Image: Architectural plants

The Next Problem….
We have several problems still to tackle, mainly regarding the enclosed nature of the site. There is nowhere to store deliveries, position a cement mixer or1store tools. In addition, there is no wet weather cover, so when the mighty DeWalt mitre saw comes on site next week we will have to keep our fingers crossed for good weather, or spend a lot of time running about with tarpaulins. We also need to dismantle the ramp we built for the digger in order to incorporate the rubble in foundations for a rockery, but we still need the ramp in order to barrow in the gravel for the path….no doubt we will think of something when the time comes! In the meantime, progress on the site is good and the finished garden will look stunning, incorporating as it does the raised pond, waterfall, oak deck, curved steps and raised platforms….Keep a look out for the photos in about a month’s time! News Home

Update....Photos of the finished garden can now be found in our portfolio under the heading 'Pond'.